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Ellie’s Cute Little Ears

So, we found out last week that Ellie needs hearing aids.

Ellie has always had some speech issues. In the last year or so we’ve seen a speech therapist, had a hearing screening done at school…all saying she was fine. I was trying not to be that mom that freaks out about every little thing, but I knew something was up. So finally, while in South Africa last week, we were able to get her squeezed in for testing and consultations. I was hoping to rule out hearing problems, but we didn’t. There’s significant hearing loss in both ears-probably a result of being a preemie, or maybe a viral infection somewhere along the way.  

Of course there are things much worse than hearing aids, but it still kind of stinks—it’s just not what you want for your child. So far Ellie has been great about it, and thinks it’s kind of cool. We’ll see how she does once she has them. I’m very glad that we’ve got the problem defined and that she’ll be getting help, but I am a little nervous about my 6 year old running around with thousands of dollars’ worth of tiny techno gadgets attached to her head!!!

And so, speaking of thousands of dollars—these hearing aids are going to be EXPENSIVE. Probably around $7000. So, If there’s anyone out there who would like to help out with the cost of Ellie’s hearing aids, we would, of course, love that. You can do so via the “support me” link on the left side of your screen. (The link also gives mailing instructions is you prefer that.)

While I’m on the topics of ‘Ellie’ and ‘expensive’, let me just also throw out there that Ellie’s school fees are rising and next year (school year starts in January here) they will be about $4000 (there is no free education here), so we are trying to raise up some extra monthly support to help with those costs as well. If you’d like to become a monthly supporter we’d love that too, and the handy “support me” can also hook you up with that option.

So sorry—this is a lot of money talk in one short blog. Not my favorite topic, but this is our life, and it’s turning out to be a bit more expensive than I’d planned on! (I’m sure everyone can relate to that statement -maybe everyone needs a “support me” button?)

I’d also love your prayers for Ellie-that this would be a smooth adjustment for her, and that she’d be able to get caught up in some areas at school that she’s fallen a little behind in, I think as a result of her hearing problems We’d also of course love prayers that God would heal her cute little ears and make them work perfectly without hearing aids!!

Thanks friends! God is always so good to us through you!


  1. Hi Ellie and mom,
    I am Monique and I am from the Netherlands. It sounds like my story, I was 5 years old, and got my first hearing aids. But, it all was worth. My life changed so much of this. I start to talk, start to learn to listen. Even I was proud of my hearing aids, I was the only one in my neighborhoud and I showed them to everybody and said: you don’t have these, don’t you.
    I have so much faith that it will be a big gift for you daughter and it will give her a better life!!!

  2. She has the cutest ears on the continent and the Lord will provide-it’s good to know your needs. Much love and prayer and xoxo to Ellie. You are a great mom Julie.

  3. We love Ellie and her little ears and we’re confident that the Lord will provide in miraculous ways for Ellie to have the special little hearing aids that she needs. Our love and prayers are with both of you as you make the needed adjustments.

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