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A Home for Gcebile

In my last blog I mentioned my friend Gcebile, one of the Timbali women who’s house had fallen to the ground in a recent storm and left her family homeless. Many of you have inquired about helping Gcebile, so here is a little update, and an opportunity to help out her family…

I had the chance to sit down and talk with Gcebile again last Thursday. She said they had used the metal roofing from their old house to build a temporary shelter, so at least they are not sleeping outside anymore. She said the new shelter is very hot, but that the main problem now is that their bag of corn meal got wet and was ruined during the rains last week and they are really struggling to eat. We also learned last week that Gcebile’s collar bone was broken earlier this month when the cooking shelter at the Care Point she volunteers at feel down, hitting Gcebile. This woman’s daily life is pretty harsh on the ‘normal days’ but the events of the last few weeks have been extra difficult for her. I’m so burdened by her hardships and just pray for her heart to be encouraged in ways I can’t even imagine.

The good news is that plans are coming together to help Gcebile get a new home. There have already been blocks donated, and we are hoping that a man who received help with building a new house over the summer will be willing to “pay it forward” and donate his labor for this project. I’m praying that through this whole process Gcebile’s husband, who has been the source of much pain for his family, will come to know the Lord and experience the transformation that only he can bring.

We are estimating that another $4000 will need to be donated to help build Gcebile’s house. If you would like to give you can do so here: 

or send a check to:

AIM, attn Scott Borg

6000 Wellspring Trail

Gainesville, GA 30506

(If you do donate, please send an email letting me know!)

Thanks so much for caring about Gcebile! (sorry I couldn’t get a picture to post!)


  1. please let Gcebile and the kids know we are praying for them, and figuring out how we can best help. THANK YOU for being there for them!

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